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Shortwave Through Tides.

drops of lemon in my ears. from “Springtime Return”, with Tanner Garza. the volume settings folder.

This is my buddy Tanner. He writes cool music.

Via the volume settings folder

Listening to Wolves in the Throne Room and cleaning. Happy Monday!


Pretty solid “Post-Metal” band I just found out about.


Syndic Calls - ISIS - Panopticon (Remastered)

Rise in the morning air
Greeted by cinders of the dead

Syndic calls your name
Show your thinned face at the window

Is this the next last day?
Prepare to be carried by the crows
Heavy hand upon the land
Feel its weight inside you

Via post-metal

Tom Morello's Tricks

Tom Morella is the king of using simple effects to create strange yet musical noises.

Cave In - Joy Opposites [Antenna (2003)]

Whatever this genre of post-rock meets alt-rock is called, including bands like Thrice and O’Brother, I think Cave In started it with this album, which came out when I was still in high school…

Earth - Hibernaculum

This is how I celebrate Earth Day.

FLOOR - Sister Sophia - Oblation

This weeks Monday Morning Music comes from Floor (members of Torche). After 10 years of silence they are releasing what I believe is going to be the heaviest album of 2014.

The Hague - Samsara

I played guitar on this album and it turned out really great. Go check it out!

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